Bodywash Set (290ml)

Bodywash set

Bodywash 270ml, Ampoule 10ml x 2, Pump, Case

Bodywash with 


PIBU PIBU "AMPOULES" make your bodywash different!

Mix your choice of ampoule to make your bodywash ready-to-go

Crazy Functional 


Contains more than 90% of Bio Active Ingredient inside.

* to prevent the function of bio active ingredient and aroma oil, we seal the ampoules.


1+2 = ?

The moment you open the lid of the sealed ampoule,

The freshest ingredients that will solve your problems are coming to you.

Special Care

Take the perfect ampoules for you!

Option 1
Option 2
Option 3

Brick+Brick Set
Cindy+Cindy Set
Brick+Cindy Set


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Brick+Brick Set 


We will protect your skin against yellow or fine dust 

as the brick house from a fairy tale protected itself from a great wind

For those who want to relieve their skin irritation and calm down.

Little Bunny's Brick House Ampoule

It protects the skin from active oxygen and is made of bio-ingredients 

that help to release harmful toxins.

100% Natural Ingredient

Bioflavonoids, mulberry extract, roseotto oil, 

Chinese matrimony vine extract


Cindy+Cindy Set 


It will take you to a party in a magic pumpkin coach like Cinderella!

Don’t worry. 

The magic never ends even when the clock strikes midnight!

A set for those who want to take care of their itchy and sensitive skin

Cinderella's Magic Ampoule

It is made of ingredients that calms irritated skin, heals wounds, 

and has a great effect on the inflammation.

100% Natural Ingredient 

NMF, Asiatic pennywort extract, 

rose otto oil, chamomile extract 


Brick+Cindy Set 

For those who want to have both skin barriers and skin care.

Little Bunny's Brick House 

& Cinderella's Magic 

100% Natural Ingredient 

It is made up of bio active ingredient and natural ingredient 

that keep skin barriers healthy while also calming sensitive skin.

Bioflavonoids, mulberry extract, roseotto oil, 

Chinese matrimony vine extract, NMF, 

Asiatic pennywort extract, chamomile extract

Eco-Friendly Package

It's provided in an eco-friendly package made of sugarcane, 

without secondary packaging that pollutes the environment.

Winning package for the A'Design Award, a world-class design award.

Hug with aroma 

Rosa Damascena Flower Oil, Boswellia carterii oil, Citrus Paradisi Peel Oil

   Soft and warm scent that looks like it's in the grass surrounds you.

made by professional aromatherapyist


No need body oil 

Break the prejudice 

that natural shampoo makes skin dry and fluffy.

PIBU PIBU Body wash keeps your skin moist, itchy, and healthy.

*It is made up of 100% natural origin raw materials, 

it can sometimes lead to sedimentation or sometimes separation.

It's caused by the lack of chemicals, so shake it with confidence.

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